⚡ Taking the Electrification Initiative

Manufacturers in the United States have already begun to reduce their carbon footprint through improved energy efficiency and increased use of renewable energy sources. However, there is still potential for further decarbonization in American factories by applying new technologies such as electrostatic motors.

Electrostatic motors are more energy efficient than traditional induction motors because they require less power. They also can reverse direction quickly, making them ideal for applications that require quick starts and stops, such as packaging machinery. Because of these advantages, companies like C-motive are looking to supply manufacturers with this innovation to help scale their reduction efforts. 

Their motors help manufacturers benefit from:

  • ‍Higher efficiency in both motor and generator applications – more range in electric drivetrains, lower utility bills for industrial / manufacturing plants, and greater energy generation from renewable generation.

  • No rare earth metals or magnets – full domestic supply chain

  • Torque generation at low speeds without a gearbox and without any active cooling requirements

  • Up to 10x the specific torque (Nm/kg) of traditional motors

  • Silent operation – both audible and electromagnetic noise

  • Ability to hold a position with virtually no energy losses (<0.2% full power)

  • Precise motion control with no torque ripple and smooth motion (no cogging torque)

  • Ability to operate fully water submerged

  • Scalable up to multi-megawatt size with the same design principles

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) “Industrial Decarbonization Road m ap” identifies four key pathways to reduce industrial emissions through innovation in American manufacturing. As builders, manufacturers are in a unique position to affect change in residential, industrial, commercial, and transportation. The roadmap presents an agenda for government, industry, and other stakeholders to work together to accelerate emissions reductions. By expanding our network of stakeholders committed to the same mission, Climastry is excited to connect manufacturers to suppliers to jumpstart their decarbonization journey.

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