Our Initiatives

Here you can learn more about our roots, mission and values. As Climastry continues to grow, we actively live our core values. 

Special Projects

Discovering new value for clients through multi-disciplinary, multi-jurisdictinoal engagements.

Industrial Geo-Engineering Plug-n-Play Device
European Energy Earthshot
Biodiversity Credit KPIs

Associations and Collborations

American Society of Adaptation Professionals
Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers
International Sustainability Standards Board
European Financial and Regulatory Accounting Group (EFRAG)
Future of Sustainable Data Alliance (FoSDA)
Climate Disclosure Project (CDP)

We Are

A team of multidisciplinary engineers, landscape architects, software developers, and sustainability policy experts building a scalable project financing tool that helps manufacturers get paid to decarbonize.

We Stand For

Preserving our planet and all its life, while holding ourselves accountable for our past, our present, and future footprint.

Our Purpose

To accelerate equitable solutions to the climate crisis.

Our Mission

Accelerating equitable solutions to the climate crisis.

Our Vision

Leveraging our industrial systems to rehabilitate earth systems for future generations

To Achieve Our Vision We Will


nascent sustainable industrial technologies within small and medium sized manufacturers.


AI to automate manual compliance tasks for sustainability and allow practitioners to practice.


and refine high confidence, tailored emissions factors for manufacturing processes that allow SMEs to participate in carbon markets without expensive geospatial monitoring and industrial IOT.


sustainability policy and disclosure requirements in tandem with standard setters and regulators.


a trusting relationship with users in order to better understand their processes and company structure on a granular level, helping them achieve their net-zero goals.


users on how their insights impact them and how they are utilized in regulatory framework guidelines.


pace with emerging regulatory framework changes to ensure our users are aware of updates. Instilling confidence in our users so that they are continuously on the correct path.

Our Values


We start by with intentionality and we build with urgency and focus.


We move at the speed of trust.

Simple Complexity

Complex problems require complex solutions, not complicated ones.


Not discussing equity actively creates an unjust future. #Justice40

The Future - 2025

Climastry.com is helping lead the shift in not only reporting one’s current emissions but breaking down, internally, where an SME manufacturer can make impactful changes. We want to help SME manufacturers get funding to help tackle big decarbonization goals, and reporting emissions is the first step in understanding where one’s decarbonization journey begins. However, intentional decarbonization goals begin by understanding one's internal processes and initiatives at a granular level. Creating a focus on internal modifications versus offsetting is the key to making change that is fast and longstanding.

Our continued purpose is to use technology to make complex decarbonization goals manageable to SME manufacturers and give them the tools they need in order to efficiently reduce their emissions.

We strive to be a company that is not just driven by profit, but by a commitment to help address an issue that affects all living things on this planet. The more tools, resources, and time we share with one another, the more they allow change to be manageable. Climate-related issues cannot be solved by one facility, one team, or one person. We will continue to connect impactful solutions, partnerships, and changes that showcase the value of time we dedicate to supporting these initiatives. Most importantly, we strive to inspire facilities to be excited about their choice to be a part of the decarbonization journey.

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