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Phase 1

🌱 Net-Zero Project Management

🌱 Emissions Accounting

🌱 Supplier Marketplace

Phase 2

🌱 Net-Zero Project Management

🌱 Emissions Accounting

🌱 Emissions Accounting

🌱 IIOT Integrations

🌱 CarbonCAD

Phase 3

🌱 Net-Zero Project Management

🌱 Emissions Accounting

🌱 Emissions Accounting

🌱 IIOT Integrations

🌱 CarbonCAD

🌱 Manufacturer Emissions Credit

🌱 Emissions Markets Project Financing

One Platform, Aggregated Insight

Remote ready

Built remote-first and plays well with common tools like teams, slack, and salesforce.

Rapid Deployment

Guide change from day one with uncomplicated UI and whole company seats.


Lightning-fast, ultra-reliable and secure hosting with AWS. Your organization's ESG Data Lake.

Unlimited Integrations

Seamless integration with 2,000+ tools and platforms.

Beyond Compliance

AI suggested resilience protocols suggest vendors and project changes to improve ESG metrics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions here. If you don't see an answer to your question, please email us at

Can I buy Climastry right now?

Yes. Climastry is currently looking to offer the software’s use to manufacturers to help them create an emissions baseline. If you would like to purchase a pioneer seat or need the pro package for multiple facilities, please contact

I want to sign up as a beta user, how do I do that?

Climastry has recently opened its software to beta users for trial use. We are building extra features and functionality with and for manufacturers in mind. Get in touch with us to express your interest at info@climastry.

How long does it take for my business to quantify our emissions?

It can take anywhere from one week to one year to quantify a business’s emissions. Depending on:

  • Level of depth
  • Quality of data
  • Company personnel responsible for driving progress

Climastry accelerates this in several ways:

  1. Onboarding approach that helps businesses fill in the gaps to get them started at first login
  2. Intelligent prioritization of key data factors to provide fast and accurate access to crucial data
  3. Sustainability experts to help answer all queries and add context to your decision making
What are Carbon Offsets and are they a necessary part of a sustainability strategy?

Carbon offsets are methods/investments to compensate for emissions; by financially supporting projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions currently in the atmosphere, or prevent future emissions.

Climastry believes in direct and purposeful reduction strategies in addressing the climate crisis and future sustainability and resiliency. Carbon offsets should be considered as a short-term solution if a component of a business’s carbon footprint cannot be avoided. With recent innovative advancements, reduction as a long-term solution is more sustainable and valuable.

What is a Net-Zero Portfolio and how do I benefit from it?

 A Net-Zero Project Portfolio is a documented and reported account of sustainable projects. Specifically, Climastry’s team and software will:

  • Determine a baseline for growth tracking with Data flows
  • Inform Next Best Action through key factor tracking to decrease lead time
  • Document Decisions made through the process
  • Provide real-time results
  • Package your projects and reports into a Net Zero Project Portfolio Report
  • Upload the Project Portfolio into the company Project Management Information System (PMIS) or Enterprise Resource Program (ERP) if applicable

We will source the core attributes that will allow us to build a decision support system for improving project-level sustainability methods and will develop text and design drafts of your publishable project portfolio.

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