For Business Scientists

Process LCAs for the Nitty-Gritty

LCAs are great for understanding impact crade-to-cradle. But for measuring variation in a process, we remove the statistical noise from the product.

Wait, Whats a Business Scientist?

Meet your net-zero project manager.

Sustainable production is only possible when engineers have integrated data on compliance, costing, environmental, health, and safety criteria. 

From simple CarbonCAD, process designers are provided clear and actionable insights so they can decide how to improve process sustainablity.

Business Scientists Use Climastry to

Define Project KPIs

Each project is a product of its broader intiative and both host a unique suite of KPIs relevant for sustainability-linked debt disclosure.

Instead of forcing teams through box ticking exercises with templates copy and pasted from disclosure boards - distill only the relevant KPIs and focus the team on those.

Enable Teams

Labeling a project as sustainable requires passing through hundreds of seqential project gates. These gates are located in different teams and business scientists guide projects to the right gates at the right time.

Climastry automates 90% of the gates with generative AI so theres less back and forth and greater alignment on a "correct" sustainable action.

Continuously Improve Sustainability

Continuous Improvements (CI) counsin that just seems to be better at everything.

Climate Risk Assessment helps business scientists leverage traditional CI methodologies like PDCA and DMAIC to iterate on sustainability strategies, initatives, and projects.

*CI intiatives on individual projects with emissions credits that have not retired can be subject to repricing.

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