Sustainability Management for Manufacturers

Reward real-world results through emissions markets. Manage your geoengineering program with CarbonCAD.

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It's hot. Sustainable actions add value and cool it down. Lets git'er done.


High confidence emissions data is the key to better financing.

Get the most accurate emissions data that reflects the nuance of YOUR process.

  • Drag & drop emissions modeling
  • Piece-rate emissions factors
  • Process-based Life Cycle Analyses

Integrated Project Financing

Enabling engineers to optimize for emissions market financing while managing net-zero projects.

  • Emissions market financial planning
  • Simulate emissions pathways and risks
  • Net-zero capital budgeting
  • CAD, ERP, PMIS, and market integrations to automate and centralize tasks


Build initiatives for important targets with projects co-benefiting:

Project Optimizations
  • Biodiversity
  • Emissions
  • Forever Chemicals
  • Water Consumption
Carbon Reduction Done Easy

The Climastry Difference

Understand your impact, get connected with relevant R&D, and keep pace for your unique sustainability journey.

Employee Agency

CarbonCAD is the only platform purpose built for manufacturers to enable their own employees to model and reduce emissions.

Piece-Rate Emissions Factors

Leverage the emissions factors purpose built for manfuacturing lines that measure impact by manufacturing process.

Emissions Footprinting

Upload and combine data from the tools you already use. 

Future of Work, Today

Incentivize net-zero action by enabling teams to finance more sustainable actions themselves.


Track and guide project progress simultaniously with real-time data and ClimateGPT.

Stakeholder Engagement

Keep employees, board members, press, and the public engaged and updated with dashboards and publishing-ready reports.

Green Procurement

Connect with high-impact, innovative, and diverse vendors developing the products you need with non-toxic and regenerative processes.

Scenario Analysis

From catatrophe modeling, internal carbon pricing, and inevitable policy response, to project cost/benefit. Explore how climate impacts your operations to deploy low-cost, sustainable solutions.

Your Global Alignment Solution

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Learn more about how you can get started on your carbon reduction journey with a few easy questions. We look forward to helping you reach your sustainability goals!

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