Climastry for Buyers

Just-in-Time (for the Planet)

Find and build rapport with relevant suppliers enabling net-zero by manufacturing process.

Climate Risk Assessment 

Understand your supply chain from the bottom up. Line by line breakdown of how your facilty operates, where opportunites for improvement can occur, and curated solutions for your operational needs

Lightening R&D

Review data-driven suggestions to decarbonize and detoxify manufacturing lines. Get connected to a relevant supplier contact in minutes, and initate a project hand-off to engineers.

Climate Risk

For many projects to be eligible for TCFD and other sustainabiltiy labels, climate risk must be considered early in the project. Explore climate scenario impact to suppliers and build redundancies before hand-off.

Buyers Use Climate Risk Assessment For

Managing Project Climate Risk

Identify climate-related hazards of various suppliers, assess and address vulnerabilites, review only the relevant regulations, manage and finance adaptation planning, monitor and easily reference progress for sharing updates.

Decarbonizing and Detoxifying

Incorporate sustainability criteria in procurement contracts with clauses from the Chancery Lane Project.

Help develop suppl ier capacities and foster circular economy principles through collborations and partnerships.

Supplier Sustainability Diligence

Evaluate suppliers' sustainability governance with factors like their environmental, health, and safety systems, certifications like ISO 14001, sustain ability reports, and project-level actions.

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