Our Story

Climastry: Climate 🌱 + Chemistry ⚗️

A company founded on the vision of altering the chemical composition of the atmosphere.

Climastry has been fostered by Chicago support systems and mentors for the purpose of accelerating the global economy’s sustainable transition.

We are an inspired and driven team enabling decarbonization in the real economy. The integration “puzzle piece” that enables market solutions to decarbonize small and medium sized manufacturers.

We have contributed input on sector-specific standards for EU Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) through the European Financial Regulatory A dvisory Group (EFRAG). We’ve also responded to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) draft on Climate-Related Disclosures. 

With the support of our expanding network of Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Invested partners we are excited to deliver our validated product to market with our pilot program launched in October 2022. Particularly ahead of the proposed EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)

Meet the Team

Industrial Engineer and Sustainability expert, operating at the crossroads of design and computer science to craft workflows that promote a sustainable society.

Jake Stevens

Founder & CEO

An award-winning digital transformation veteran who has led numerous digital transformations resulting in increased revenue and customer satisfaction. Brands include: Amazon Prime Video, BBC, Variety.com, Tesco, TalkTalk, DAZN, and Masabi.

Chris Addams

Founder & CTO

Product Designer, artist, and creative marketer, bridging data science and intuition to develop and design stunning user journeys that change lives. 

Sabrina Karas

Founder & CXO

Climate specialist, writer, and policy expert with 5+ years of experience working with the United Nations (FAO & IFAD) on sustainable food systems, strategy and innovation, and most recently, in tech where she’s finding solutions to combat the climate crisis.

Mahnoor Malik

Founder & CSO

Our Advisory Board

Avid innovator and public speaker. Technology and Board Strategy Advisory to global firms - Morgan Stanley, PVH/Tommy, AmEx, Paypal, McKinsey, Kaiser Permanente, Warner Bros., NBC

Vir Sarin

Global VP of Engineering at eBay

Noted author, strategic advisor, and policy expert specialized in the global economy and finance; decision making; and responses to obvious, impactful “gray rhino” risks including climate change

Michele Wucker

The Gray Rhino| DRCO Institute 

Mark is the finance lead at JLL/T, leading venture investments in proptech & Mark is formerly the global head of accounting and compliance for JLL.

Mark Levy

Finance Lead at JLL/T

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