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Design for Sustainability (DfS)

CarbonCAD enables engineers responsible for manufacturing process optimization to master the complexities of decarbonization and project financing without the need for experts.

The Key to Success

Feature that will seemlessly integrate into your current work processes flow. Take your efficiency to the next level with ease 


Our drag-n-drop emissions factor interface allows for speedy emissions modeling that we've tested with a 10 year old.


Interactively evaluate material or process alternatives at any process model level and compare multiple scenarios simultaniously.

AutoCAD Integration

We support many 3rd party design systems but our customers rave about our seamless AutoCAD integration.

Impact Clarity

CarbonCAD transforms your DWG files into digital process twins. It is the worlds only technology providing high confidence emissions models of manufacturing processes without requiring emissions sensors.

Manufacturing Engineers use CarbonCAD to

Design for Sustainability (DfS)

80% of ecological impacts of a product are defined in design for manufacturing. But DfS is only feasible when engineers have scientific context about the sustainability or net-zero criteria. With CarbonCAD, you can eliminate the need for domain experts as gatekeepers of sustainabiltiy decisions.

Beef up Margins

CarbonCAD rationalizes decisions that make manufacturing processes more sustainable. It does this by leveraging emissions markets to fund the removal of negative impacts from a given manufacturing system. 

When a project proves this impact - it not only benefits from its traditional revenue stream but an additional one from the abated externalities in the new system.

Involve Stakeholders

What does "stakeholder" even mean?

Well, we leave this one up to you. But through our collboration with FiveFlute, our customers have been able to involve way more than just the engineering team in decisions involving the manufacturing process like brand partners, R&D partners, investors, and even community members.

So collboration in fact, that we've introduced a polling feature for teams that our customers love.

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