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How We Help You 

"After tracking where emissions originate and how - the key forward is incentivizing the aciton"‍

- Vir Sarin, CTO

Intelligent Roadmapping

We provide a facility-level overview for practitioners. By building emissions factors for manufacturing processes, Climastry helps you automate your decarbonization roadmap.

Empower your team to launch projects against high-priority decarbonization initiatives and track relevant KPIs for sustainability-linked projects. Our Next Best Step intelligence solution informs users about what's most effective based on individual plant and project parameters.

Emissions Footprinting

Upload and combine data from the tools you already use. 

Future of Work, Today

Incentivize net-zero action by enabling teams to finance more sustainable actions themselves.


Track and guide project progress simultaniously with real-time data and ClimateGPT.

Stakeholder Engagement

Keep employees, board members, press, and the public engaged and updated with dashboards and publishing-ready reports.

Green Procurement

Connect with high-impact, innovative, and diverse vendors developing the products you need with non-toxic and regenerative processes.

Scenario Analysis

From catatrophe modeling, internal carbon pricing, and inevitable policy response, to project cost/benefit. Explore how climate impacts your operations to deploy low-cost, sustainable solutions.

Resource and Supplier Marketplace

Depending on your manufacturing type, you probably have an overwhelming amount of options that may or may not benefit your project. Making agile decisions and reducing bottlenecks becomes simple with dynamic algorithms. Strengthening your sustainability score and resiliency is streamlined through Climastry’s task-level analysis.

By integrating your many systems, Climastry simplifies data collection and decision-making for fast and accurate action-taking.

We use custom-designed emission factors to:


Demonstrate carbon-conscious decisions at critical product lifecycle stages.


Inform original product design


Optimize manufacturing design 


Make procurement decisions that reduce time and eliminate waste


Manage contract negotiations


Record strategic decisions along the way, and automate your reports

Climastry will help you record strategic decisions efficiently across existing systems. Having this dynamic history of record will save time and effort spent on essential projects.

Credit for Recorded Emission Factors

Dashboards allow real-time sharing of milestones achieved through your efforts. Once you’re ready, download data relative reports sharing with stakeholders and investors.

Why waste time making estimations and assumptions when algorithms can do your heavy lifting and accurately calculate your emissions for you?

More Changes to Come

Share only what customers are asking for when they ask for impact, ESG, or other non-financial data. Learn from marketing insights, make cost-effective changes, and share meaningful data.

Sustainable Debt

Having trouble financing your sustainability initiatives? Climastry is exploring ways to put capital behind your projects

Carbon Market Listing

An all-in-one customer service platform that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy.

User Interface Updates

We are constantly taking feedback from customers in order to make their transition to net zero easy and enjoyable.

Informed by thought leaders and regulators

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