📊 Emission Factors Every Sustainable Manufacturer Should be Tracking

The expectations for sustainability are constantly changing and evolving. In order to keep ahead of these changes, manufacturers need to be able to track regulatory compliance in real-time. This means knowing  your current progress and being able to adapt in the future. Though this can be a challenging task, Climastry is here to help!

Why ESG?

ESG (environmental, social and governance) is a way to measure the impact of your business. It’s also a way to measure the impact of your product or supply chain.

ESG compliance regulations have been around since the 1990s and have only gained momentum as time has passed. In 2018 alone, over 100 countries passed new ESG regulatory frameworks into law—and these regulations are expected to increase by 25% over two years from now.

In the manufacturing industry, there’s no shortage of regulations. To meet these requirements and avoid hefty fines, manufacturers must track their environmental sustainability and general social performance (ESG) compliance.

An ESG tracker is a tool that helps companies monitor and manage their ESG performance. It collects data from various sources to provide managers with information about how well they are performing in key areas such as carbon emissions or waste reduction. When used properly, an ESG tracker can help companies identify gaps between what they want to do vs what is actually happening on-site. Additionally, it can help them prioritize action items that need attention at different levels within their organization – from management down through individual departments or teams.

Key ESG Factors 

The ESG categories that manufacturers should consider tracking and improving include:

  • GHG emissions

  • Energy use

  • Water use

  • Material use: Conflict minerals, chemicals and hazardous substances

  • Social Compliance: Fair Employment, Human rights and Ethical labor

Regulatory Tracker

  • Track your regulatory compliance.

  • Know what you’re tracking, and how you’re measuring it.

  • Be able to report your progress in a clear and concise way that makes sense to all stakeholders.

🌱 Climastry has a regulatory tracker.

Climastry has developed a regulatory tracker to help companies stay on top of the rapidly changing regulations. The tracker is designed to provide an overview of the evolving regulatory landscape and make it easy for you to determine where your company stands in terms of reaching compliance metrics. It's important for Manufacturers not only to understand their current metrics, but to position themselves to build, improve and realize the value of their efforts. Climastry is invested in the successful transition of manufacturers and excited to be able to facilitate simplify compliance for our partners.

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